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Performance - August 2023

This post kicks off the monthly performance reviews for ideas published on the Whiteacre website.

Performance will be measured by the total return of the current ideas section. However, for tracking and illustrative purposes, quick ideas and a basket of both portfolios will be published, too.

Performance of ideas is measured as a basket of equal weights in the respective categories. The performance results are not actual trading results. Please conduct your own due diligence before making any investment yourself.


Acitvity over the month

In August, a total of four posts were published on Whiteacre:

  • Current ideas - 2 new current ideas were published

  • Quick ideas - 2 new quick ideas were published

Performance of the portfolio in the month of August was as follows:


Performance of quick ideas and a combined performed as follows:


*) Performance measured as an equal weight basket of ideas.

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