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Hi there and thanks for visiting Whiteacre.

This site is dedicated to research on event driven, opportunistic and special situations in equity markets.

As an individual investor, I particularly enjoy researching and investing in situations that have a clear catalyst that can unlock value over the near and medium term. This site’s purpose is to document and share interesting ideas and the analysis around them.

Inefficiencies, irrationality, and constraints of market participants can result in special situations that can be interesting to both individual as well as flexible institutional investors.


Some of the situations you may read on this site may include:


  • Merger arbitrages

  • Privatizations

  • Warrant arbitrages

  • Spin-offs

  • Liquidations

  • Litigations

  • Changes in capital allocation strategy

  • Closed-end fund discounts

  • Opportunistic value investments due to geopolitical risk, index deletion etc.


You can read each analysis on this site and may want to consider subscribing to the Whiteacre newsletter which you can do here. 

Should you have feedback on any of the ideas mentioned on this site or about the newsletter, I am looking forward to reading your comment in the comment section or receiving your message via e-mail or twitter DM.




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